Bookmarks are very easy to make. It is also a lot cheaper to make them than to buy them from an external source. They will not be of the same quality, but they are disposable goods…
Using software such as Microsoft Word or Publisher, you can create a template which is easily adjustable for different designs and subject matter.
In Publisher, for example, you can set up multiple columns and insert standard text boxes with your school name etc, and image boxes.
After you’ve decided on a theme, it takes little time to find pictures and alter text accordingly. Cut and display them, and you’re in business.
To avoid copyright issues, it’s worthwhile to invest in a collection of copyright free photo and clip art. There are several excellent collections on the market for about £20-40 for hundreds of thousands of pictures.
The quality of your bookmarks depends on the quality of your printer, and the quality of the card or paper you use to print them.

Promotional Bookmarks
Once you’ve created a template for bookmarks, it’s very easy to adapt them for promotional needs.
If you’re holding any kind of event in the library, create bookmarks to publicise the details.
You might also use them to promote new titles in your library, clubs and societies, services, websites and intranets that you contribute to, library sales items, and so on.
Bookmarks can also be highly effective for entertainment value: football team crests, general trivia, literary trivia, jokes, pop trivia and quizzes.

Bookmarks: Examples

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