#1 Customised Date Labels


Date Labels

 It’s easy to create your own customised date labels, using a tool like Microsoft Word or Publisher. You can simply copy the format of standard date labels, or you can customise the look and utilise your school crest, or some other graphic. It’s a simple matter to insert text boxes with your school’s name.
You can then customise the background by adding a watermarked picture of the school crest. Guidance lines for the date stamp and a customised message at the bottom finish the label off.
For smaller books, you could consider 6 to a page instead of three.
Librex, read ’em and weep!
Instructions for these processes can be found in the software help files, or consult with your computing guru.
Pupils will be delighted that the librarian is dedicated enough to produce something special and unique just for them.

The link below shows what they might look like…

Customised Date Label

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