#10 Creating A Blog


Blogs are wonderfully simple, yet powerful, tools.

They are useful for anyone who wants to transmit and share information on a regular basis, without spending time on presentational or technical issues.

Using a host like Blogger (link below), you can create a blog within 5 minutes, in three easy steps. No technical knowledge whatsoever is required.

Once you have your blog up and running, you can experiment with templates, settings and tools to get it looking and functioning just the way you want it.

But why would a librarian want to start a blog? There are several reasons, and some are listed below:

  • Children and teenagers are used to the medium, and will have no difficulty in accessing or exploring them. Many will have their own blog
  • Blogs are great for promotion
  • Promote books, magazines, clubs, services, events
  • Use blogs for listing purposes: list to author websites, reviews, publisher sites, other libraries, online library catalogues
  • Use blogs for promotional purposes for reading schemes, curricular needs (eg. Specialist Subject Literature) and tie-in books with movies
  • Keep parents and the wider community informed about your activities
  • Invite comment (moderation would be recommended to avoid abuse and spam)
  • Use photos and audio to promote stock
  • Invite your pupils to contribute, if not run the blog!
  • Get it linked from your school website

Blogs really are easy and fun. The setup described below can easily be setup in Blogger within hours, and could serve as a wonderful promotional tool for your library.

Your blog would update pupils, staff and parents about your activities, your services, and new and useful library stock. You could setup a regular cycle of messages to promote stock for particular topics across the curriculum.

On the left hand frame you could have the following tools:

A search box, a list of useful homework links, links to popular (and not so popular?) authors and a blog archive listing all entries.

On the right hand frame you could have the following tools:

A link to a photo archive, library details and opening hours, a news feed (automatically updated for you), a quote for the day (automatically updated for you), and a statistics counter, so you can see who’s visiting (visible only to you)

To update your blog, you just login, start typing and hit the publish button. Easy.

Creating A Blog: A Step by Step Guide

At a cost of zero, can you afford NOT to have one?

Useful Weblinks:

Blogger. Easy, fast and customisable.


EducR Websites For Schools.

“We want to and will make it easy for schools to keep their staff, pupils, parents, partners, other stake-holders and wider community informed, updated and engaged.”


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