#8 CPD Record

CPD Record

There are many reasons to keep a CPD record. It is useful to be able to produce your CPD activities for your line manager, and it also keeps your mind focussed on what you’ve done in the past, and what is yet to do. It maps your progression as a professional. It is also extremely handy as a reference point when you come to moving on to another post.

CPD records can take many shapes and forms.

You can set up a Word document or Excel spreadsheet with a simple list of events you have attended, and details of areas covered. You can also add a field for action taken in your workplace related to the activity. This field is particularly useful for highlighting how you have actually applied your training. If you cannot fill in this field in some meaningful way, you should really be questioning the usefulness of the event, and planning accordingly for future events.

You can setup forms and templates with your line manager which will contain all the information you would both like to see. These can be stored electronically or in hard copy, or both.

You can also create a CPD record online, by simply starting a blog and creating an entry for every event you attend. You could also add weblinks to useful websites for that topic, and the website of the provider, if appropriate.

CPD Record Template

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