#25 Committees


The very word ‘committee’ can often bring professionals out in a cold sweat, at the thought of red tape, strange procedural peculiarities and a frustrating lack of progress.

Committees are extremely important for school librarians. Basically, if you’re on them, you’re in as a recognised member of the professional community. If you’re not on them your job will be much harder, and the chances of you achieving your aims are greatly reduced.

Membership of committees gives a librarian many advantages:

  • Working knowledge of colleagues, particularly senior management.
  • Insights into the learning processes of the school.
  • Insights into the general running procedures of the school.
  • Status.
  • A chance to have your say.
  • A chance to highlight library projects.
  • Insights into the availability and allocation of budgets.
  • A chance to have input into the decision making processes of the school.


Obvious areas of interest to librarians are committees related to curriculum support, information literacy, literacy and information technology.

With the proviso that you have something useful to offer, it is advisable to be involved in as many committees, locally and beyond the school, as you can.

The role of committees of members of provision of library and information services. (Katalin Haraszti)

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