#27 Promoting Reading

Promoting Reading

This is one of the most basic tasks for librarians, yet also one of the most difficult. If this task is undertaken properly, it is time consuming, difficult, heavy on the imagination and often frustrating when you hit a brick wall.

Without a doubt, personal contact is the best way to promote reading. If a librarian is genuine in their fondness for the medium, talking about books, discussing authors and plots, issuing recommendations are by far the most effective.

Enthusiasm is infectious, and most pupils will react positively if they know the librarian is interested and making a tailored recommendation for them.

This activity should take up a lot of your time, and can be amongst the most enjoyable tasks you undertake. It ties in with a lot of other activities you undertake, and can be encouraged, promoted, publicised and formalised as you would any other activity.

The link below takes you to a mindmap of some reading promotion related issues; no two librarians will follow the same path, so just go for it!

Reading Promotion Mindmap

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