#28 Mission Statement

Mission Statement

It is essential that everyone in your organisation should be aware of the library’s aims and goals. These can be laid out in their most generic and basic form in a mission statement.

A mission statement is useful on several different levels. It lets management teams, academic staff, parents and pupils know why you exist; what you stand for! It is also extremely useful as an exercise in determining what your own professional aims and aspirations actually are.

Mission statements should be short, succinct documents. No one wants to read a rambling, multiple page document about detailed plans and projects. It should ideally fit on an A4 page. The mission statement, although ideally short, should reflect your potential needs by way of budgets for resources, IT, software, club materials, extra materials required for disability conformance, etc.

There are two primary areas that should be covered: aims, and objectives.

Aims lay out your general aspirations, particularly within the parameters of your organisation’s aims and targets. These are the overarching aims of your daily endeavours.

Objectives give a little more detail about how you will go about achieving these aims. They will flesh out some of the ways in which you will attempt to make the aims a reality.

If you are worried that you are missing some important details in your mission statement, don’t worry about it. Detail and procedure belong in policy and strategy documents, not mission statements. Keep it short and sweet.

Mission Statement: Example

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