#30 Access to IT


Most modern school libraries will incorporate some sort of IT suite, or perhaps a small group of computers or laptops.It is essential that you have a booking system for these, or you will be constantly invaded by uninvited groups and pupils ejected from classes for all sorts of unsavoury reasons. Make staff and pupils aware that booking is essential.

Start from the premise that computer use must be booked in advance, period. Individual places can be granted at the librarian’s discretion, but the ground rules must be laid to avoid misuse. This should be stated clearly in your IT and/or Acceptable Use Policy.

If the tone of this item sounds overly grim, it is because this issue is of great importance in your daily work. If not tackled, it can lead to:

  • The library becoming a ‘place of banishment’.
  • Computer misuse.
  • Internet misuse.
  • Poor behaviour.
  • Disruption of the welcoming and calm atmosphere of the library.
  • Clashes with teaching staff and pupils.


You can accentuate the positive by highlighting what you offer when IT is used within timetabled and structured lessons, but ensure you get the message across that you are not a drop-in centre.

IT Booking Sheet

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