#31 Dewey School Subject Guides



Dewey can be used at several different levels, from the early years section in a public library, to the immensely complicated levels within a large university library. School libraries should pitch their Dewey guides at an appropriate level, to ensure that patrons can find what they’re looking for; but also ensuring that pupils are not bamboozled by unnecessarily large or complicated Dewey numbers. As a general rule, going beyond 2-3 numbers after the decimal point would seem unnecessary in a small school library.

The guide should also be targeted towards the subjects that pupils will actually be looking for, i.e. closely related to the curriculum and to their general interests and hobbies.

See the link below for a short Dewey Guide created with school pupils in mind. You will also find guides on the web (see example below). You can tailor your guide by starting off with a basic one that you like, deleting what you see as irrelevant, and adding your own chosen content. Bind it and review it every once in a while, and you have a personalised, highly useful resource for very little outlay.


Dewey Subject Guide from Appleton Public Library.

Dewey Guide For Schools (created by Pauline Pulfrey, copyright 2007)

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