#33 Magazines



Not many school libraries can afford to subscribe to a large number of magazines. Magazines are extremely popular with teenagers, and opens up new areas of interest in terms of hobbies, pursuits, specialities, and even gossip and showbusiness. They like to read them, and therefore should be encouraged to do so.

The question is how to create a stock of magazines if you don’t have the budget to do so?

One solution is to ask pupils to bring in their own stocks for others to read. There are several advantages to this type of scheme:

  • Pupils are encouraged to have a sense of citizenship, to share with others.
  • Pupils can encourage the spread of interests that occupy them.
  • It costs nothing.
  • It adds an attractive service to the library area.
  • It is a service truly owned by the users.
  • Rewards can be offered by way of library perks to the most generous contributors.
  • It will appeal to those who may not tend to read books as a hobby.
  • The librarian might learn something too!

Magazines Poster

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