#37 Censorship


This is a very short entry for the simple reason that I am against censorship in any way, shape or form. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t steer a 12 year old away from an inappropriate text, just that I would never actually say ‘no’, or refuse to have a book on the shelves. There’s a big difference between guidance and censorship.
It seems to be more of an issue in the States, where the Christian right has more political clout than in the UK.

My advice to a librarian who is confronted by an irate parent is to agree not to lend books as requested. However, this does not mean the reader cannot access them in the library, and I have allowed this on many occasions without harm to parents or child (Pullman’s Dark Materials is the main case I remember). I tend to place more credence on the right of the child who wants to expand their knowledge, than on the right of the parent to limit it; whether for right or wrong.

It can get quite silly…

… and a more balanced view.

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