#38 Furl


Furl is a social bookmarking tool similar to del.icio.us, but with at least one major difference. Like other social bookmarking sites, you can save, edit, tag and share websites, articles and other information on the web. The big difference with Furl is that you can save a copy of the webpage/article itself, which is then stored in your Furl archive.

If you think about news content which disappears into the protected archive, journal articles and other web content that may become unavailable for a host of reasons, this tool is a must for librarians. It is very easy to register, and you’ll be up and running within 10 minutes. A button on your toolbar is required (not an entire toolbar).

For news sites, it’s often easier to save the ‘printer friendly’ version of the page. Happy archiving!


Furl FAQ

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