#41 Linking The Web (Intranets)

Linking The Web (Intranets)

This is an excellent way of getting involved in curricular support, and creating an end product which is useful for teachers and pupils. Librarians are the natural people to research this kind of information, though many teachers might not agree. I spent some considerable time researching weblinks for quality links relating to topics and sub-topics across the curriculum, from ancient history to modern studies.

Storing these links on an Intranet make them ‘personal’ to your school and only available to the teachers within it. It is also a good way of ‘shepherding’ pupils towards the quality information, rather than letting them head down the Google road immediately. If this seems too much like spoon feeding, they could only be used at towards the end of a class, or for less academically able pupils. My own experience was that teachers were immensely grateful for such links, and grabbed the opportunity for using them with both hands.

Obviously, you don’t need to restrict yourself to curricular issues; there’s lots of information on the web about books, authors, reading and information literacy generally.

Whatever they are used for, there is no doubt that an Intranet can be a powerful tool for the school.

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