#44 Sound Out Your Authors

Sound Out Your Authors

Podcasts, strictly speaking, are a type of audio blog, where the information is updated regularly. Your subscribers will await updates via RSS or visit the web area where the podcast lives, such as i-tunes or your own blog.

However, I don’t see any reason why you can’t use the same technology to make static recordings which will not need updating often, but will provide your pupils and staff with useful information. A good example might be audio clips about authors (short example below) or book reviews.

Once you’ve created one, it’s very easy and quick to create more. These audio files have the advantage that they may be of particular use to pupils who have poor reading skills, or are more likely to engage with audio than text. It’s a good idea to encourage your pupils to do the recordings, particularly those with bright voices and clear diction; I generally tend NOT to use my own voice!

Philip Pullman: Short Bio

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