#53 Quizzes


Quizzes are great fun for adults or for children.

They are inexpensive (pen and paper) and can create quite a buzz and a healthy touch of competition. All that is required is a bit of research and a good deal of preparation. Points to note:

  • have your teams set up and entered BEFORE the event
  • decide whether an audience is desirable or practical (this may depend on the size of your library)
  • have your paperwork ready: question and answer sheet for you, paperwork round by round for your contestants
  • have your help ready: scorekeeper and timekeeper if necessary
  • have a tiebreaker ready
  • prizes help, but they don’t need to be expensive

You don’t even need to prepare your own questions; there are thousands already on the web. Some useful links to quiz sites below.

Children’s Book Quiz

Literature Quizzes

Kid Lit General

Kid’s Lit Quiz: Sample Questions

Classics of Children’s Literature

Quotation Quiz

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