#57 Helping Reluctant Or Poor Readers

Reluctant Readers

There are many avenues open to you to try and help those who are poor readers, or who just don’t want to read.

For the reluctant reader, you can try alternative media: graphic novels, comics, magazines, Internet pages, audio books. In many of these cases they will be taking in the information and sometimes reading in spite of themselves, but without the apparent effort of ‘normal’ reading. They’ll probably also have fun doing it.

For readers with low reading ages, you can try ‘quick reads’, graphic novels, comics magazines, audio books and perhaps practical help such as paired reading with a competent peer, or an older reader. The competent reader should read more, to keep the flow and the story moving.

In these circumstances, it helps to have some sort of introductory exercise to let the participants get to know each other; quite often they can end up as ‘buddies’ in normal school life. This can be as simple as a few questions about hobbies, friends, interests and skills.

A few links below to some starting points and further links.

Motivating The Reluctant Reader

Reaching Reluctant Readers: Tips, Tools, and Techniques

Useful Links

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