#58 Mailing Lists And Web Groups

Mailing Lists & Web Groups

Mailing lists and web groups are a brilliant way of keeping in touch with other professionals. When you sign up to a mailing list or group, you are usually given option about how you are updated. You can usually be emailed instantly when someone puts up a message, choose to be emailed at regular intervals (daily or weekly), or you can choose to go to the group or mail list at a time of your own choosing to check for new messages.

Librarians, like other professionals, use these to exchange information, seek advice, point out good resources and to exchange resources. An excellent example of a busy and well resourced web group is the SLN (School Librarians Network) group, which lives on Yahoo. It is busy, has many members and has dozens of useful documents for use and adaptation by school librarians.

The School Libraries Group (part of CILIP) also publishes some useful information, but isn’t as interactive as SLN. You could also consider joining international mailing lists: LM_NET (USA) and School Libraries Online (International) are good examples. It is very good practice to observe what is happening in other countries; many are way ahead of the UK game and it is encouraging to see that some countries take their school libraries very seriously indeed. Of particular interest are USA, Canada and Australia.

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