#63 Curriculum


This one’s a no-brainer. If you’re going to support the curriculum, it makes sense to know what’s in it, and how it’s delivered. The first may seem easy enough, but many teachers are reluctant to share their teaching materials, even with their peers. Methods of delivery and pedagogy are easier; at government and regional level, huge efforts are made to publicise the curriculum and methods of delivery and assessment.

Talk to teachers (offering to create a link-bank is a good starting point), discuss what they deliver on a daily basis, ask how you can support and in what topics. Read the websites, look at the resource collections on the web, and get yourself installed in appropriate CPD events. Often, (surprisingly), you have to shove your way in, but it can be done. The links below relate to Scottish education.

Curriculum For Excellence

Learning Teaching Scotland


5-14 Curricular Areas

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