#68 Pageflakes & Netvibes

Pageflakes & Netvibes

These two web 2.0 tools are a combination of hundreds of widgets which can be mixed and matched to create pages and sites which will do just about anything you require.Firstly, you need to decide what you want to do. Then sign up, and start experimenting with the tools or widgets (called ‘Flakes’ on Pageflakes). There are so many combinations of widgets and tools that there isn’t a hope of covering them here, and you are only limited by your own imagination.

Pageflakes tend to have better quality tools, but in Netvibes there are a lot more of them.


Review of Pageflakes


Review of Netvibes

2 Responses

  1. if someone ask me which you like pageflakes or netvibes. i always prefer pageflakes because it’s open and maximum user friendly. where as netvibes not 😦

    thanks to share with us.

  2. Another start page to consider is Odysen at http://www.odysen.com. Some of the key differences include free-formatting vs 3 column format, the ability to add multiple feeds in one widget for better efficiency, and multiple pages organized by private/shared/public vs tabs.

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