#72 Library 2.0

Library 2.0

Library 2.0 represents a new approach to the way that librarians serve their clients. This approach demands more interactive activity between end user and gatekeeper, or information specialist. Rather than deliver a service which the user then consumes, the new approach obliges the librarian to spend more time finding out what the user actually requires. This is not always done using traditional measures like surveys or questionnaires, but by letting the user feedback, review or even create content for themselves. Is this relevant to school librarians?

That’s up to individual school librarians, but I would say definitely, yes. Library 2.0 is mostly associated with library management systems (e.g. TALIS) but it can also live in the world of web 2.0, or even ‘traditional’ library services.

This short piece by Michael Casey gives an interesting perspective.

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