#74 Copyright


I despaired of ever setting up any kind of copyright framework in my school posts which had any kind of meaningful standing in the reality of day to day use of documents in schools.

Let’s be honest. Misuse is rife. The librarian is expected to be some kind of policeman, attempting to ensure that CLA guidelines are consulted and observed. Why this should be the case is something I have questioned in the past.

My attitude to copyright is simple. I do not work for the CLA. I do not get paid to implement copyright law. I do not get paid to question teachers and support staff about how they use and copy texts and journals.

I do get paid to advise staff. This I do, in the spirit of squeezing the law till it squeaks. I would not advocate breaking the law, but I would advise pushing copyright procedures into the grey areas, as long as it doesn’t infringe authors’ rights as laid down by the government and the CLA guidelines.

The bottom line is that we are paid to interpret the law and the guidelines to help teaching staff teach; simple as that.

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