#75 Get Published

Get Published

I think there are many reasons why you should publish your views, opinions and accomplishments. I am also aware that there are many librarians for whom this does not come naturally.

It is fairly easy to get published. If you have a strong opinion about a current issue, or want to highlight an innovative service that you provide, you can send an outline to the editor of a clutch of library centred journals. Failing that, you can blog the information globally, or locally within your own institution.

Why publish at all though? Isn’t it a bit precocious and pompous, if not even vain? Well, that’s for the audience to judge, but it can be a useful exercise for the following reasons:

  • it’s good CPD
  • it lets you express your opinions and thoughts, which are as valid as anyone else’s
  • it raises your profile
  • it can raise your institutional profile
  • it can raise librarians’ profile generally
  • it gets you involved with a wider professional community
  • it’s fun

Isn’t that enough reason?

Information Scotland

CILIP Library & Information Update

CILIP Library & Information Gazette

Library Weblogs

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