#91 Careers Information

Some Careers Officers have a very strange view of their profession, and how librarians fit into it. They seem to feel that school librarians will happily accede to being their administrators and filing clerks.

I never accepted this myself, and always ensured that I devoted some time to making sure that Careers Officers devoted some time to improving the service they offered. This varied from the very good to the appalling.

I think Careers advice is too important to ignore, so ensured that there was a good quality Careers library, and helped pupils as and when I could based on my own professional career.

I think Careers advice is far too important to be treated as it is now, i.e. an ‘incidental’ to be dealt with by a part time, peripatetic officer, not based in schools. However, this is a political issue, not a library one.

Careers Scotland have a nice colour scheme they offer schools to display Careers materials, and a website that no-one seems to understand.

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