#92 Supplementing Your Budgets

School library budgets are always tight, if they exist at all.

Even if you receive a reasonable amount to keep your library running (let’s be honest, it’s never enough) it’s always an attractive option to supplement your budget from other sources.

The following are some of the options you might consider:

Regional funds. Your local authority will have various pots of money which will be available for certain types of activities. These could be club activities, services for pupils with SEN, tie-ins with regional services, public libraries etc. Check their website, or contact their community services department.

Government funds. Any funding that comes out to schools for ‘curriculum support’ is fair game. Bid for it imaginatively.

Specialist activities. Chess federations, poetry associations, writing clubs may be prepared to support your activities if they find them interesting. Explore and ask.

Departmental external bids. Keep an eye on other departments: if they are making bids for curricular activities, will they need support materials? If so, maybe you can buy into the bid.

The document linked below is fairly generic, but useful for general guidelines regarding information that should be contained in any bid.

Making Effective Bids

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