#75 Get Published

Get Published

I think there are many reasons why you should publish your views, opinions and accomplishments. I am also aware that there are many librarians for whom this does not come naturally.

It is fairly easy to get published. If you have a strong opinion about a current issue, or want to highlight an innovative service that you provide, you can send an outline to the editor of a clutch of library centred journals. Failing that, you can blog the information globally, or locally within your own institution.

Why publish at all though? Isn’t it a bit precocious and pompous, if not even vain? Well, that’s for the audience to judge, but it can be a useful exercise for the following reasons:

  • it’s good CPD
  • it lets you express your opinions and thoughts, which are as valid as anyone else’s
  • it raises your profile
  • it can raise your institutional profile
  • it can raise librarians’ profile generally
  • it gets you involved with a wider professional community
  • it’s fun

Isn’t that enough reason?

Information Scotland

CILIP Library & Information Update

CILIP Library & Information Gazette

Library Weblogs


#50 Self Evaluation And Quality Indicators.

Self Evaluation

Many librarians regard self evaluation and QIs as a waste of time and effort. However, a self evaluation process can have several meaningful outcomes for your library, particularly if the QI’s tie in with those used by the rest of the school. In fact, this is probably essential, as a self evaluation exercise based on criteria and indicators not used by the rest of the school would leave you fairly isolated.

Unfortunately, self evaluation and QIs tend to be one of the processes which can fly with the political wind, and they change often, depending on the prevailing political/educational fashion of the day. The document linked below lays out the guidelines for self evaluation process used in secondary schools 2-3 years ago. However, this will doubtless change soon to incorporate the changes to come under the Curriculum For Excellence (Scotland).

Generally, I think self evaluation and QIs are a good thing, as long as certain conditions apply.

  1. That the school takes the process (and the library’s part in it) seriously
  2. That the librarian takes the process seriously
  3. That assessment is honest
  4. That weaknesses are highlighted as well as strengths
  5. That recommendations are followed up and acted upon

Under these circumstances, the process can be useful for not only evaluation purpose, but as a useful tool for discerning the state of your library; where you are, and where you want to go. It can also be useful for highlighting any CPD needs you may require to attain highlighted goals.

How Good Is Our School? (Secondary Schools, Scotland)

Self-evaluation process for Secondary school libraries and LRCs (England)