#47 23 Things

23 Things

This site is brought to you by the California School Library Association, and is magnificent.

Basically, this is self discovery programme that looks at 23 things related to web 2.0 technologies. Feedback from participants seems to be very positive, and if you follow it through your knowledge of web 2.0 technologies should be increased greatly. Well worth a visit!

23 Things


#43 Web 1.0 v Web 2.0

Web 1.0 v Web 2.0

It is always tempting to post information on school Intranets and websites, to keep your pupils informed, and also to highlight the library’s role in the life of the school, and to raise its profile.

However, it is worth asking whether this is the most appropriate way to do things. Is it easier to create a blog rather than update a school website? As many librarians find out, updating a school website can be a chore, particularly if you don’t have the ability or access to update pages yourself. Also, with a blog you have complete editorial and administrative control.

As discussed earlier, it is very easy to create a blog. After taking the following into consideration, it is worth looking at the blog route as the solution to keeping pupils and staff informed:

  • Will the school have any objections to a library blog?
  • Will I be able to brand it? (Regional logo, school crest)
  • Does my school or regional authority already have acces to in-house blogging technology?
  • Who will be allowed to post?
  • Will I have time to update it regularly?
  • Do I actually have anything to say?
  • Will any one read it; how will I promote it?

Many librarians have already decided that blogging technology is for them, and have some excellent sites. Some are listed below.

A Library By Any Other Name

Anne Johnstone’s Library Blog

Bramcote Hills LRC

City of London Academy

Cumnock Academy Library Blog


Joyce Valenza

Judy O’ Connell


Meredith Farkas

School Library Land

How To Use Weblogs Safely In Schools (Becta)