#71 3D Displays

3D Displays

It can be fairly easy to create an interesting 3D display to promote a new batch of books, or stock you’re trying to create interest in. For example, a new batch of Michael Hardcastle books might inspire a mannequin based display with football kit and other football paraphernalia. With the help of your Art and PE departments, this should be fairly easy, but it can be trickier for other topics.

Useful places to look for free or cheap materials: bookshops, book suppliers, publishers, cinemas, video rental outlets, charity shops. It’s amazing what you can find, and what some outlets will happily part with, particularly promotional materials.


#20 Displays


Displays can make a huge difference to your library. There are many potential reasons for setting them up:

  • Promote new stock.
  • Promote clubs and societies.
  • Promote pupil achievements.
  • Promote school events.
  • Display photographs from trips and special days.
  • For fun.

Try and get your materials for free.

You can often get bookmarks, posters and display items from your local bookshop. Write to the publisher.

Speak to teachers; can they supply materials they would like displayed?

Ask pupils and parents to lend or donate items.

An attractive display will always attract new faces into the library, as well as entertaining your core clients.

A typical display might consist of large colour posters related to the books on display, with bookmarks, badges, keyrings or similar on offer for pupils to take away.

Do not leave displays up for too long! They lose their impact after a short period of time, ands should be withdrawn at a preset time, or even sooner if they become tatty and worn.

Some nice ideas here.