#56 Disability Discrimination Act


This is legislation that anyone working in the public sector should be aware of, particularly those who are working with young people with special needs, and those with physical disabilities.

At one level, it is about equal opportunities for those who have disabilities, both in terms of inclusiveness and physical access. However, it is usually more complicated than that. There are plenty of cases where DDA requirements are not fulfilled, due to practical, financial, or political reasons.

It is difficult to offer advice on this topic without seeming too cynical or mercenary. I would say that you should consider DDA under the following circumstances:

  • Disabled pupils (or staff) are being denied equal access or service due to poor facilities.
  • Disabled users are being treated as second class citizens due to physical restrictions.
  • Disabled users are not considered when ICT hardware and software is being sourced and purchased.
  • When your physical space is used for ‘alternative’ purposes such as exams etc.
  • When permanent encroachment on your working space is threatened, particularly if this means less space, and/or physical obstruction.

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

DDA: A Summary (BBC)

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