CILIP are often accused of non-representation in the school library community. They take £17 off my pay every month, and I still can’t figure out why, other than the fact that I can continue to call myself ‘chartered’. My wife pays £30 a year for the same privilege as a teacher. Something doesn’t add up. I’m sure CILIP would disagree with my assessment, so their end of the stick can be found here.

However, they do have a couple of useful spots on their website, and they offer decent training events if you can afford to travel to London.

LISJobnet is certainly useful if you’re considering a move. Their specialist interest groups vary between the bland (2 shoddy leaflets a year) to the sublime (real support). I won’t name names to avoid litigation, or snippy emails.

Chartership, of course, is the main reason people join. More information here.

That’s as positive as I can get about CILIP. They used to do a useful salary guide for school librarians which seems to have disappeared. If anyone can point me to it, I’d be grateful.

Found it!

CILIP School Librarian Salary Guide

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